Rate Change

Next projected USPS rate increase: January 2014

Most users of mailing systems and equipment from Campbell Business Machines operate one or more electronic postal scales to help determine rates for mailing, shipping and special services. These are convenient devices that improve mailing accuracy and efficiency. Current USPS rates and services can be contained in rate chips (PROMs) that are installed in the scale or smart cards that allow for electronic transfer to your mailing system software. Our newest digital systems allow you do download updated postage rates simply by connecting an analog phone line directly to your mailing machine.

When the US Postal Service or other carriers change their rates, Campbell Business Machines makes certain that impacted customers receive the proper rate chip, card or disk prior to the effective date for a quick and simple update solution. Campbell Business Machines notifies ALL of Campbell Business Machines electronic scale clients well in advance via the mail (cover letter and a fax/mail back order form). If we do not receive a response, Campbell Business Machines does attempt to contact those customers by phone to make sure the proper order is placed. Unlike our competitors, we do not assume you want the update, send you the chip and charge your account.

Many Campbell Business Machines customers are covered by Rate and Structure and/or Software Care Insurance Programs. These customers are also notified by mail; however, no response is required – we will automatically send the update to you. If you are using an Online Services compatible digital mailing system, you may have the ability to download the rate update. Downloaded updates do not change the postage rates in your mailing system until the effective date of the USPS rate change.

Whether this is a chargeable event for your organization or not, if you DO NOT receive correspondence from Campbell Business Machines, you should contact us right away to discuss your options. Contact us at (800) 642-3032 for assistance.

Additional rate change information is also available from Neopost and USPS

A helpful instruction guide detailing how to change the preset postage value (i.e. from 46 to 47 cents) for many Neopost  Mailing Systems can be viewed here.