We are pleased to announce the launch of the DCS EM150, its latest addition to the DCS by Hasler line of output management software solutions. This unique production postage printing solution can transform your mailing processes by applying postage directly onto letters or documents after the mailing document file has been created with the postage visible through a window envelope.
As part of the DCS family, the EM150 production postage printing solution is perfect for those with mailing requirements of up to up to 10,000 documents/hour. The EM150 eliminates speed limitations between the mailing machine and folder/inserter, allowing maximum throughput of the folder/inserter to be realized. It is an extremely cost-efficient alternative for transaction mailers, commercial print and fulfillment houses, third-party mailers, mailers with print and insert functions and mailers who perform mixed weight processing.
Installed as an optional software module within the DCS output management software system, the EM150 delivers improved reliability and cost savings by eliminating the use of in-line meters or mailing machines and the associated operating and supplies costs, as well as any spoiled postage. The advanced technology of the EM150 offers simultaneous postage and postal barcode printing including; an Information Based Indicia (IBI) with mailing date and an Intelligent MailĀ® Barcode (IMB) on each mail piece for convenient access to IMB supported services.