Adaptable Mail Inserter Designed for Everyday Use

The DS-100 enables you to easily create professional, top-quality mail pieces. The system easily adapts to accommodate a wide range of envelope sizes and address locations (such as top, middle and bottom). Due to its ability to handle a superior document packet thickness of 1/4", the DS-100 allows you to process a wide variety of mail items for direct-mail marketing campaigns, for invoicing, monthly statements and for virtually all of your company’s mailing needs. Need to send multiple documents? Glossy or coated paper stock? Business reply envelopes or even 4 millimeter-thick booklets? The DS-100 will do it all - with ease!


DS-100 Mail Inserter - Maximize Mail productivityMAXIMIZE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY

With a compact, ergonomic design that allows for greater operator efficiency and ease of use, the DS-100 delivers optimum practical speed - maximizing your productivity.

  • Easy-to-load trays and an intuitive paper path help the operator to quickly get a feel for the system.
  • High-capacity feeders, fast accumulation, and on-the-fly envelope loading - all save you time.
  • Fast, easy access to all parts of the system reduces stoppage to minimum.



DS-100 Mail Inserter - Preprogrammable functionsTIME SAVINGS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

The DS-100 is touch-programmable to automatically adjust system setup for up to 20 regular jobs, substantially reducing your job-change setup time.

  • Job settings can be stored in memory for instant recall, saving hours of setup time on repeat and similar orders.
  • Intuitive user controls get you up and running in no time, and guide you every step of the way.
  • Productivity uptime of your Folder Inserter is optimized to the max.




The highly-productive, highly-compact DS-100 makes it a breeze for any operator to complete the job setup process. Handling and processing your mail has never been this easy.

  • Intuitive document loading eliminates guesswork.
  • All feeders are reloadable on the fly - no need to stop the system.
  • Daily mail can be processed via the standard, dedicated hand-feeding tray.



DS-100 Mail Inserter - Easily AccessibleEASY ACCESS KEEPS YOU UP AND RUNNING

The DS-100 provides quick, safe and easy access to the paper path throughout the entire system, so you’ll be quickly up and running if there’s a break in production.

  • Comfortably-positioned document- and envelope-feeding is intuitive and natural.
  • Uptime is optimized as a result of the DS-100’s convenient paper path access.
  • With user-friendliness a design priority, the DS-100 adds a level of ease to your mail-production process.



DS-100 Mail Inserter - Fully Controlled & SecureFULL CONTENT CONTROL AND SECURITY YOU CAN RELY ON

To securely process personalized mail runs and those with a varying amount of documents per set, the DS-100 includes several automatic features to ensure that every recipient receives the correct and perfect mail piece.

  • Automatic Double Document Detection eliminates duplicate document feeding.
  • Reading of sequencing marks (OMR, Barcodes, etc.) allows you to control printing accuracy and select inserts based on customer profiles.



DS-100 - Automate Document ProcessingAUTOMATE YOUR DOCUMENT PROCESSING

The optional PrintMachine software is the Neopost solution to automate your output and mail management process.

  • Automatically add OMR or Barcode on your documents, improving the reliability of your document processing.
  • Selectively insert advertising material ensuring maximum communication efficiency.
  • Simply sort and merge files reducing your cost per recipient.
  • Enchance document formatting and printing.



DS-100 Mail Inserter - Adapt your System NeedsADAPT YOUR SYSTEM TO YOUR NEEDS

The modular design of the DS-100 gives you peace of mind when purchasing a system that your future needs and job requests will be fulfilled.

  • Simply add the right module at the right time – as your company grows.
  • Multiple function options allow you to take on more job orders, further optimizing your productivity.
  • A modular system assures that your equipment investment is cost-effective today and into the future.