Vertical Collators

MBM FC10 Vertical Collator

  • The FC 10 combines high performance operation with user-friendly controls and unmatched reliability
  • Collates a wide variety of paper stocks and weights at speeds up to 3,600 sets per hour
  • Process paper sizes from 3 3?4" x 5 7?8" to 12 7?8" x 18 1?2" and 20 to 100 lbs
  • 10 bins with 275 sheet capacity
  • Touch button control panel simplifies set-up and operation. The control panel features an LED 4 digit counter display with add and subtract feature
  • Programming modes include preset batch, insertion, and an alternate bin mode for continuous production
  • Adjustable stacking table for straight or criss-cross stacking
  • Adjustable feed and separator pressures on each bin
  • “Bin empty” sensor prevents bad sets
  • Extra-large, detachable feed trays
  • The FC 10 interfaces with a variety of bookletmakers including the MBM Sprint series
  • Self-centering feed tray guides eliminate the need to reposition on-line bookletmakers for different size stocks
  • Optional Twin Tower Transport Unit Allows two FC 10’s to be combined into a 20 bin “twin tower” configuration for high volume production. Collators can be used in tandem or separately while connected
  • Optional corner stapler corner staples up to 10 sheets
  • Optional high capacity stacker stacks up to 3,200 collated sheets either straight or offset

Duplo Vertical Collators

DC-MICRO 8 COLLATOR. Incorporating Duplo’s proven paper handling expertise, the DC-Micro 8 is built to provide reliable and dependable operation for years to come. The DC-Micro 8 is fully equipped with an automatic self-setting detection system that ensures correctly collated sets every time. If an incorrect set is fed, the collator will stop and the inaccurate set can be easily removed. Collating will also stop automatically when the staple cartridge empties or the receiving tray is full. With the innovative and unique software technology, the DC-Micro 8 collates and staples as easily as 1, 2, 3. Simply dial in the quantity of sets required, select the staple/no staple option, and press start. This small and smart collator is the perfect addition to any copy center, school, church, print shop, or small office/home office.

DC-8 COLLATOR. The DC-8 handles a variety of paper from 13 to 110 lbs. including bond, NCR, card stock, folded sheets and most coated stocks. For added versatility, the DC-8 can handle sheet sizes from 5” x 8” up to 11” x 17” and produce up to 2,100 sets per hour. This desktop collator can even collate mixed sizes and weights of paper in the same run. Automatic self-setting miss, double, out-of-paper, and jam detectors guarantee accuracy in your collating operation. The DC-8 can be expanded with an optional corner/side stapler or bookletmaker. With its patented feeding system, small footprint, and expandable design, the Duplo DC-8 is one of the most versatile and cost-efficient collators on the market.

DFC-12/24 COLLATOR. The space-saving, vertical design of the DFC-12/24 is available in 12- or 24-bin configurations and bi-directional feeding that allows for collating and creating booklets simultaneously. The unique programmability of the DFC-12/24 offers several options to assure non-stop productivity up to 3,900 sets per hour. The Block Program mode conveniently allows the user to load paper when the machine is collating. The patented feeding system handles bond, NCR, and some coated and card stocks. Automatic self-setting misfeed, out-of-paper, double-feed, and jam detectors guarantee worry-free accuracy.