Neopost 6060

Neopost Letter Opener: Neopost 5060

The shape and size of today’s business mail is extremely diverse. Having to tear, slice and cut open mail pieces by hand can be incredibly time intensive and costly. How would you like to be able to open 40,000 envelopes an hour (over 60 times faster than by hand) while ensuring the contents are protected from being damaged?

The Neopost 5060 Letter Opener is an automatic solution to your incoming mail processing needs. By eliminating the tiresome task of manual mail opening, you can increase productivity in your organization. That means the time saved by the Neopost 5060 can be utilized for more important tasks. For businesses that receive a large amount of mixed sized mail, the Neopost 5060 can handle it with ease. Incoming mail does not need to be sorted by size, since the Neopost 5060 can open envelopes up to 1/3" thick of all sizes and types. Just place your stack of mixed mail on the feeder and let the OP160 open it for you in seconds.

With an optional internal or external counter, to allow the tracking of the number of pieces processed, and optional variable speed control, the Neopost 5060 gives the operator maximum control over the processing of incoming mail. And the Neopost 5060’s unique milling cutter protects the contents of the envelope from being damaged during the opening process. Made of steel and using the highest quality components, the Neopost 5060 has two motors for better performance and longer life.