Omation 206

Omation Envelopeners: Model 206

Equipped with Omation's unique high-speed milling cutter technology, the Model 206 offers robust and durable performance for medium and high volume mail-opening operations. Omation's unique milling cutter produces a soft, feathered edge, providing absolute content security. The 206 is state of the art in accuracy, speed, flexibility, reliability and economy. This system features enhanced mixed mail feeding and is ideal for assorted sizes of mail, including flats as well as oversized and thick envelopes.

Capabilities & Function
The Model 206 can process up to 600 pieces of mail per minute with a 400-envelope feed hopper that maximizes throughput. It makes lightning-quick work of first-class mail or overnight letter packages up to 13.5" long and 1/2" thick.

Features & Benefits

  • For accurate mail extraction, the high-speed milling cutter removes chips as small as .010" from the envelope edge
  • Electronic Counter: easy-to-read resettable six-digit LCD display
  • Oversized Envelope Support & Catch: transports and stacks flats and oversized envelopes
  • Mail Tray Supports: enhances ergonomics and optimizes workflow
  • Automatic Jam Detection: provides convenient machine clearing
  • Automatic Chaff Collection: collects and discards mill chips via a tube and reduces static, ensuring a clean workspace and jam prevention