Omation 2100

Omation Envelopeners: Model 2100

The Model 2100 Envelopener from Omation offers proven technology designed for low to medium volumes of incoming mail. This tabletop unit provides powerful performance in a small package, and it is equipped with the same milling cutter technology as production grade systems. Now even small mail opening operations can enjoy the very best in automated performance.

Capabilities & Function
While processing at high speeds, this machine can remove as little as .010" to .015" chips from the envelope edge. The Model 2100 is capable of opening envelopes containing folded documents without cutting contents, resulting in smoother, faster and more productive mail extraction. Process mail of all sizes including tyvek and overnight letter packages up to .188" in thickness.

Features & Benefits

  • Milling Cutter: protects contents, eliminates paper cuts and minimizes waste. This technology offers a distinct advantage over slicing-blade and guillotine-type cutters. It prevents sliced contents and produces a soft, feathered edge
  • Digital Counter: easy-to-read resettable six-digit LCD display
  • Cut/No Cut Knob: allows for envelope counting without opening the envelope
  • Durable and reliable technology: made of steel with the highest quality components and workmanship