Neopost Address Printers


Neopost Direct Impression Printers:


The AS3630 is a unique and versatile system that provides superior production address printing. Read More


The AS3640 is a superior, heavy-duty production address printer that is as unique as it is versatile. Read More


TheAS510C addressing solution is a user-friendly, entry level system that prints full process photo quality color, making it perfect for high impact, low volume mailings. With the AS510C you can produce professional envelopes, at a price you can afford. Read More


A mail piece that has been addressed with theAS700 desktop address printer will give your mailing an aura of quality and professionalism that will undoubtedly catch the recipient's eye. Read More


Making sure your mail piece gets to its destination and is noticed by your customer is of paramount importance. With the AS710 desktop address printer, have confidence that your mail will look professional, reach its target and catch their attention Read More


Turn the blank space on a standard envelope into a powerful medium for your message. Get the responses you want by using the HJ/AS830 desktop address and bar code printer. Whether mailing out monthly invoices or tapping into new markets, your mail never looked better! Read More


Taking your mailings to the next level by giving them a professional appearance, while maintaining maximum speed, accuracy and flexibility, is easy with the AS930 high speed, high volume desktop address and bar code printer. Read More


The HJ940 addressing solution provides the qualities of a production printer with the price tag of an entry level printer. Its advanced technology, precision engineering and exceptional attention to detail make this high-performance system the right one for growing businesses Read More


The HJ/AS960's combination of addressing speed, print quality and superior features quickly enhances mailroom productivity while generating valuable cost savings. Read More


The AS980 is a full-featured, high volume, large capacity addressing solution that has the ability to take on any challenge with reliable and outstanding results. Read More


The AS990 utilizes nine (configured in three banks of three) easily adjusted fixed print heads that provide a large 4.5” x 20” print area so addresses, USPS® barcodes (including Intelligent Mail® barcodes), return addresses, logos, indicia and personalized teaser messages can be printed in a single pass. Read More