Rena Printers

Rena Systems, Inc. is a well acknowledged leader in the tabletop addressing equipment field with over 20,000 machines installed and counting. Their industry reputation for quality and legendary German engineering is unmatched.

Significant Rena firsts include:

  • The first automatic, pressure-sensitive tabletop labeler
  • The first tabletop tabber
  • The first tabletop address printers
  • The first to print Postnet barcodes as a by-product of addressing
  • The first to receive USPS barcode certification for address printers

Today, Rena Systems offers a family of high-tech inkjet printers and labelers, and tabbers for every size mailer. More than addressing systems, today's Rena products are Envelope Imaging Systems - printing the return address, company logos, taglines, the postal indicia, and the barcoded address.

Envelope Imaging Systems:

Envelope Imager 1.5

The Envelope Imager 1.5 is a fixed-head,entry-level inkjet address printer thatoffers 1.5" of print area and a durablefeeding/transport design at a great price. While most entry level printers are made of form molded plastic and resin, the Enve Read More

Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus

Many improvements adorn the new Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus. Thisformidable little machine can churn outsome serious productivity. Offering all of the same features as the entry-level 1.5,the Plus has an extended hopper that can hold a whole box of Read More

Envelope Imager 2.5

The versatile Envelope Imager 2.5 is atruly wonderful machine. Offeringproduction printer stats with a price tag of an entry-level printer, it is tough to beat. With a feed system that has THREE rows of high grip rollers and the capacity for mate Read More

Envelope Imager 3.0

The RENA Systems Envelope Imager 3.0 is aheavy-duty, full-featured addressing system designed for high performance and value. The 3.0 scores high with speed and flexibility. Turn out 7,200 #10 envelopes with nine lines of 600 dpi quality printing Read More

Envelope Imager 4.0

Quite possibly one of the best products Rena has ever made, the Envelope Imager 4.0 is a true workhorse. It is the best in terms of features, capabilities, material handling, durability and value. The printer offers a class-leading 4" of print area f Read More

Envelope Imager CS

New for 2007, the Envelope Imager CS isan entry-level inkjet address printer that is wholly unique in the marketplace. Not only does it offer a class leading price, but it has the ability to print in brilliant, full process color at 1200 dpi Read More

Envelope Imager XT 3.0

The RENA Systems Envelope Imager XT 3.0handles the most demanding mailingchallenges time and time again. This is a full-featured, high volume, largecapacity piece of equipment. It can take on any challenge with reliableand outstanding results Read More

Envelope Imager XT 4.0

The RENA Systems Envelope Imager XT 4.0 has horsepower. It has all the features of the XT 3.0 with a larger 4" print area. Split over four separate print modules for unprecedented coverage and extreme flexibility. Read More