Postal Discount Software

Addressing Automation Simplified (Software Products Below)

Postal Discount (CASS/PAVE) Software automates the mass mailing process to meet all USPS requirements for maximum postal discounts. You can save up to 65% in postage and printing! Theses software solutions perform a variety of high-value functions:


  • Verify, correct and standardize addresses (think of it as “spell check” for addresses) to eliminate costly undeliverable mail
  • Add the ZIP+4 and Delivery Point Barcode for each record for faster mail delivery
  • Identify duplicate addresses to avoid overspending
  • Automatic Postal Presorting for the lowest rates
  • Output directly to direct impression printers, producing a professional and personalized appearance
  • Print barcoded labels and tags, plus required postal forms


Here’s how the process works:

Step 1 - Clean and validate the mailing list

Import your existing mailing list with just a few mouse clicks. The source mailing list can exist in a variety of file formats including popular spreadsheets and databases or basic ASCII text. Using the latest USPS-certified postal data, address elements such as spellings, abbreviations, city names and ZIP codes are all corrected to meet USPS guidelines. For addresses containing incorrect or insufficient street detail, the software can offer a list of suggestions – much like the popular “spellcheck” feature present in all word processors today.

The duplicate detect module will then scan your database and mark duplicate addresses for review and possible deletion from the database.

Optionally, you can connect to the USPS Fastforward database via the internet, allowing you to identify intended mail recipients who have moved and download their updated address information.

You now have a mailing list that is 100% accurate (no more "Undeliverable" mail) and free of costly duplicates. Every mail piece sent should reach both the right address and the right person.

Step 1.5 - Postal Coding

As addresses are checked for accuracy, the software automatically adds the Zip+4 code and Delivery Point Barcode information to each validated address. The Post Office requires both in order to obtain the best rates, plus barcoding speeds your mail through the system. These are typically printed on the face of the envelope or card along with the other address information.

Step 2 - Presorting

Next, the software will analyze your list and rearrange the addresses to meet current USPS presort requirements. To qualify for discounts, the Post Office also requires your mailing to be sorted according to special zip code schemes (Don't worry, no postal knowledge is necessary - the software does everything for you).

At this point, your list is error-free, contains the essential zip/barcode information, and is in the correct order - your mailing will be "automation compatible" and will qualify for the best discount you can get!

Step 3- Design an envelope

Using the software’s envelope design module, you may custom design an envelope for your mailing that is enriched with graphics and message lines (in a variety of fonts) for maximum impact and a proven increase in open and response rates!

Step 4 - Print!

Your mailing is sent to an inkjet addressing printer. Simply load your envelopes or post cards and the system will address your media at speeds ranging from 2,500 – 35,000 per hour. Direct-to-envelope printing completely eliminates mailing labels (not to mention the associated supply costs and the labor-intensive task of applying them). The final product is a professional and personalized mailing that is accurate, in perfect presort order, and far less expensive to send!

This automated process produces considerable labor, material, and postage savings, all while creating mail that has a unique "open me" look. Campbell Business Machines makes it easy to mail effectively. If you'd like better results from you mailing efforts in less time and for less money, an addressing solution from Campbell Business Machines is the answer!

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