Postage Accounting

Reduce your mailing costs with automated data tracking, reporting and reconciliation from Campbell Business Machines

Postage is one of the largest corporate expenses, and if left unchecked, can quickly become an accounting nightmare. Campbell Business Machines postal accounting systems help alleviate overhead drain by closely monitoring, recording and reporting on all postal expenditures.

For basic accounting needs, our digital mailing systems have postage accounting functionality already built-in. They will track the total number of mail pieces and postage spent for 35 to 500 departments, depending on the model. If your postage accounting needs are larger or more sophisticated than what’s offered by the digital mailing system that matches your mail volume, there’s no need to worry. Campbell Business Machines offers advanced PC-based accounting solutions that fully integrate with your postage meter(s), providing an unlimited number of accounts and incorporating features such as surcharge calculation, budget management, carrier and class analysis, electronic data exchange with back office systems, and more.

Turn your mail center into a profit center by effectively managing, tracking, and charging-back departmental or client costs with any of the following postage accounting solutions: