Postal Accountant

This powerful accounting software suite represents the next generation in postal accounting, data collection and analysis software.

With the introduction of Postal Accountant, Hasler offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective mail accounting software package that enables users to instantly collect, account for and report mailing information from a variety of mailing systems. Postal Accountant allows users to better understand and manage their mailroom activities and accurately chargeback and recover their mailing costs.

"Our objective in developing Postal Accountant was to provide organizations with the ability to track and report postal expenditures in order to reduce its costs, improve efficiencies, and increase productivity," says John Grogan, Vice President of Marketing at Hasler.

Valuable Advantages
Configured on your network, Postal Accountant offers information feedback capability from any connected workstation. That means supervisors benefit from viewing and managing the system right from their desktop, inquiring about mail status, being made aware of budget alerts, and creating and printing detailed reports.

Innovative in both design and capability, Postal Accountant is a robust reporting and analysis tool that requires virtually no training to operate and is easily installed and supported. It is a valuable, easy to use mail accounting system that functions through the use of your mailing system’s operations, offering single screen interfacing and system updates via the Internet.

Pre-Sort Efficiency
There is a growing trend towards mailers using pre-sorting programs offered by the USPS to help reduce postage costs. But without automation, pre-sorting, along with the required reports that validate it, are both labor intensive and time consuming. Postal Accountant automates the process, fast and accurately. A few clicks on your PC and Postal Accountant delivers a complete set of pre-sort reports that are required by mailing houses and/or the USPS.

Ideal for a wide range of organizations and businesses with mid-to higher volume mailroom operations, including educational, financial and legal offices, as well as insurance companies, healthcare facilities and government agencies, Postal Accountant offers the end-user both efficiency and cost savings.