Loop One Enterprise

Enterprise-Wide Shipping Solutions: Loop One

Does your company have multiple sites and struggle to control rising carrier costs across the enterprise?

Although carriers have given enterprises the reliable and timely service they need to conduct business, many large organizations continue to lose money when it comes to shipping. Often, employees address various needs with numerous systems from different providers, resulting in a myriad of accounts, invoices, and data. The end result is a convoluted picture of an inefficient process that is difficult to assess, manage and, consequently, improve.

Each company’s shipping needs are unique, based on the logistics of their particular organization; often, shipping requirements of even close competitors can be quite different. With this understanding, Neopost Loop One’s streamlined e-shipping service software options deliver organizations individualized, advanced functionality including:

Cost Allocation

  • Automatically allocate non-revenue shipping expenses to the appropriate cost center
  • Simplify reconciliation of carrier invoices.

Enterprise Integration

  • Our e-Shipping Service is accessed from your e-Procurement, ERP, Intranet and other enterprise portals

Address Verification / Correction

  • Identify address errors or omissions down to the suite level using USPS database
  • Reduces accessorial fees, which can run 10-15% of overall shipping expenses

Service Level Optimization

  • Identify less expensive services (i.e. Next Day Afternoon versus Next Day AM) that meet business requirements
  • Standardize service levels company-wide
  • Empowers employees to make informed/educated shipping decisions

Account Management

  • Carrier accounts automatically managed and are shielded from the end user
  • Create robust customizable reports for analysis of shipping expenses
  • Control express shipment misuse and overuse by restricting user access

Deployment Simplicity

  • Accessible via corporate intranet or via the internet
  • Offered as a service, no IT resources required to operate/maintain
  • Common user interface for shipping with all of your carriers

A Single Solution for Multiple Needs

  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities can be included
  • Available for ordinary desktop and high-volume mailroom shipping